A quality worth mention
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A quality worth mention

Vishwambhar Nath is a business tycoon. I had gone to interview him. I wanted to cover the daily life of a top-notch business man.  As I waited for him in his guest hall the chauffeur opened the door and he alighted from his ostentatiously luxurious looking limousine.

As he got down he started shouting at the gardener. Then he spoke roughly to the security man at the gate. Even the driver was not spared. He had to face his wrath because he had parked the car near the entry gate. “How will some one enter if you keep the gate blocked, you fool?” His temper was scaling the height of his sky scrapping building.

He hadn’t noticed three of us were waiting for him. In a corner of the big drawing hall sat an old man on an easy chair. I guessed he was Mr. Nath’s father. He was carefully looking at his son and observing him closely since the time Nath had entered the gate.

He called feebly, “Vishwa,here…Vishwa.” The angry and gnashing man turned around and looked at his father. He quickly stepped towards his father and bowed down and touched his father’s feet. He uttered, “O, sorry…Dad I didn’t observe you were here.” His voice had softened. He eased himself in a chair beside his father.

The old man looked with love at the face of his son and said calmly, “So what, no problem my son. I know you are so tired and worn out.” He stopped for a moment and said, “I wanted to tell you something but first have rest, eat something and take bath. Then we’ll talk.”

But Vishwambhar Nath said, “No Dad. I’m fine. Please tell me.” He was not willing to wait.

The father smiled and said, “OK, fine. See, you should not talk like that to the men who are working for you. You are at a higher position than they are. You are their guardian. They are dependent on you for their livelihood, for guidance, for their families and for everything. They work for you all the time and take utmost care to not make any mistake. But somehow the errors occur. ”

“Though it’s important to point out the mistakes and train your people properly, your language could have been little softer and behaviour, milder.”

Vishwambhar Nath had been listening very carefully. He kept mum for sometime and then said in an introspective voice, “You’re right dad. I shouldn’t have spoken like that to my own people.”

We saw him going to the driver and saying, ” Shambhu, I’m really sorry. I shouted at you. But it won’t happen any more. ”

The driver said, ” It’s alright Sir. No matter at all. ”

Vishwambhar Nath turned towards us and we heard, “Sorry guys, I kept you waiting.”

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