Comfortable Office Shoes-Little Doc’s Prescription for Anxiety and Irritation

This is a story of how little things like comfortable office shoes, bring substantial changes in daily life. She didn’t feel well after returning home. She went straight to the kitchen. There was nothing worth eating. Minutes later, Pintoo heard her mom shouting at the maid over phone, ” This is how you cook? Can that be eaten? What’s the use of paying you every month……?”He put his hands on his ears so he won’t hear his mom speaking foul.

Pintoo watched TV for a while and knowing that mom had cooled little bit he went to her. He saw mom lying exhausted on the sofa. She was sweating and her face looked dry, eyes closed.

Pintoo was in fourth standard. He was too young to say some consoling words to his mother. But he had a sense of how to deal with the situation. He was used to watching his mom in this situation almost everyday.

“Ma…here. Have this…”. Pintoo had fetched a glass of water from the RO.

“O! darling…you care for me so much…” Mom was all smiles. Cold water was so soothing. But she remained lying on the sofa, her feet, still in office shoes, kept hanging on the arms of the chair.

Little Pintoo had by then fetched a towel soaked in cold water. He removed her mom’s shoes gently and wrapped her feet in the cold towel. Mom kept watching everything silently. She had no energy to get up or say anything to Pintoo.

But the feeling was heavenly, so soothing and comforting that she couldn’t utter a word. Few minutes later she was in sound sleep.

When she woke up an hour later she found Pintoo reading a comics beside her. She felt hungry. She went to the kitchen, prepared a sandwich and a cup of tea and came back to the drawing room. Mom and son enjoyed the snacks and kept talking for about half an hour.

Pintoo said, “Mom I think your office shoes make you so tired. Are you comfortable with them?” Though She didn’t answer and kept moving her fingers lovingly through Pintoo’s curly, long hair but yes, perhaps the little doctor was right.

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Next two days were Saturday and Sunday and there was enough time for marketing. She had made up her mind . She searched hard and found two pairs of comfortable office shoes for her. The shoes rightly fitted in her feet, were cushioned inside and had grip.She made it a point while buying to wear and walk while trying them in the shop. They seemed quite comfortable to walk too.

And when I met her in the office today, she said, ” Little doc’s prescription has done wonders to my daily life. It has brought down my BP. You believe that? Now, I’m looking forward to marketing comfortable office attire. This has brought a big change…you know? I’m thinking of getting rid of all my uncomforatble, though natty, dresses and replacing them with cool, cosy ones.

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