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Decided your early retirement age? He did not, so he faced this

If you are a man of self-esteem

You have to definitely pay heed to Shyamal’s advice on deciding your early retirement age. The sooner the better.

His is a story that will tear you. I advise you to read it with a handkerchief in your hands because if you have emotions


His painful office life

Shyamal’s boss abused him, always found fault with his work. He would always find ways to insult him, even for the works which Shyamal did quite efficiently. It’s not that he is not a good worker. But the boss was never satisfied with him.

But all this is nothing till I tell you the age of the boss. He was only 33, that is, 12 years younger than Shyamal. He has no respect for age.

One morning in the office, however, Shyamal lost his cool at a very harsh remark of the boss. The remark came at a time when Shyamal suffered from a bad swing of mood since his daughter was sick and Shyamal’s casual leave had not been granted. He shouted back at the boss.

The boss took his revenge very soon. Shyamal was transferred to a station he was not willing to go. The year was 2007.

He promised to himself on that very day he would decide his early retirement age very soon, before his actual superannuation. That was the ultimate solution to all his woes.

But this happened at the time of the severe economic slow-down worldwide when companies were frequently handing pink slips to the employees. Shyamal worked in a private Telco. Life was not easy. Would Shyamal be able to crack the money barrier?

Shyamal’s magic formula for wealth


Shyamal was 45 then and he was already beyond an early retirement age people generally think of. He knew he was late. But better late than never. He thought how much money to retire would be considered ideal. He studied stock markets, bonds, securities and other schemes like ELSS, hedge funds, SIPs etc. But the most handy thing that he stumbled upon was an online early retirement calculator. It calculated for him what amount he should invest in stocks, what percentage in bonds and securities and the like.

It was then that he came across an article where WIPRO’s magical wealth creation was mentioned. This is a real thing. You can read for yourself here:


He also read about the principles through which Warren Buffet has created his huge wealth.

Shyamal now knew what he had to do. He kept trying his hand at stocks. Indian stock market was in a bearish phase at that time and it was an opportunity to buy stocks with multibagger potential at cheap value. Shyamal’s retirement calculator and his study of the markets proved useful. He has revealed one of the secrets of his fast moving networth to me. He told me and I also read for myself about Indo Count Industries and 8K Miles stocks which multiplied about 5-15 times in 2 years. Shyamal hit gold with such stocks. Verify it here: “http://www.financialexpress.com/markets/indian-markets/multibaggers-shine-amid-bse-sensex-slump/180465/

And what now ?

No, Shyamal has not retired as yet. At 54, he is comfortable and says he is going to take his retirement soon. The speed with which he is moving, has made him a relaxed man. He has also taken 2 health insurance policies in the form of mediclaim. He has enough money for rainy days. He is in a good position to call it a day and enjoy the life in its true sense.

His advice on early retirement age

Set it somewhere in your 40s, not like me in 50s. But even if you are late, there is my example to tell you that it’s never too late.

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