Life Teaches, Note down please

Enter Dharam’s Sweetheart-Life teaches, Part-II

If you did not read the first part of the story of Dharam’s sweetheart it’s here:

Life Teaches, Note Down Please

(Contd. from part-I:)

Now I know the mystery. Dharam told me his tale four days after the wedding party. At a leisurely moment when I asked him how he met Chitra, the love of his life, he unboxed the secret. Here it is, in his own words:

“When Mr. Joshi told me that the chest pain could be dangerous and I must see a doctor I was a bit afraid. When the doctors saw my ECG report they were worried. I was told that there were some blockages and surgery might be needed.”

“Hearing this I was really awe-struck. I had never known any disease and I had never known anything other than work and money. Though my parents lived with me and tried hard to know about my daily activities I hardly had time to speak to them. They wanted to spend time with me but as you know Mukesh Ji I hardly spend time even with myself. I knew money only. Money required work and more work.”

“I was admitted to Mid-Hub Multi Speciality Hospital. There, in the midst of saline tubes, injections and hospital equipments I came to know what parents really meant. I eagerly awaited the clock to strike four in the evening when mother would come with home made food. She would dodge the security personnel and bring the food for me in my private hospital room. All the time I ate she would keep looking at my face. Father told me that he was a strong willed person and since I was his son nothing could happen to me. I did not say anything to them though their eyes could read everything in my eyes.”

“But you know?”, Dharam stopped for a while and coughed. And lo! there came running his sweetheart Chitra. “What happened?You O.K.?”, She looked concerned.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Here, Mukesh Ji, she’s my sweetheart and better half, Chitra.” I spoke to her for a while and then she went inside to bring coffee for us.

Dharam continued with his tale.

“Parents were allowed to stay for half an hour only with me. When the visiting hour ended they had to go and the fearful hours of evening and night would start. I came to know that I might have to undergo heart surgery. Some tests had been conducted and some more were to be done. I was told that I’d know about the results three days later.”

“It was difficult to pass time. Just lying on the bed keeping your fingers crossed with ‘Surgery’ or ‘No surgery’ options was really difficult.”

“But then God sent an angel to help me, my sweetheart. She’d come in the evening with a cheerful face, ask how my day was, tell me how her day was and amid other things she would always ask me to pray to God and keep hopes and faith alive under any circumstances.”

“Her duty hours ended at 9 in the evening and I used to wait for her again. She would always be busy in the day time and again come to our ward in the evening.”

“Her presence was just magical. I forgot my pains, my boredom, my fear and all sorrows. I told myself on the hospital bed that I had to be good to others as Chitra, my sweetheart was, I had to enlighten others’ lives like Chitra did. Everywhere there was Chitra.”

“I knew Chitra was a perfect match for me. At 36 she was still unmarried. Later I’ll tell you why. But I was able to feel that happiness had a habit of accompanying her to wherever she went. But I didn’t propose to her because I was a serious patient. Anything could happen to me. How could I spoil her life?”

“But then just the unexpected happened. She proposed me.”

“What?”, I was surprised. “And then?”

“And then you can see. We are married. Even my reports came in my favour. Doctors said surgery could be avoided for the time being and medicines could perhaps cure me. Moreover, a cardio-workout was suggested.”


I said, “Dharam, your story is wonderful. Girl proposed and the boy accepted. But I still can’t believe that Dharam Vohra, the astute manager who hardly accepts proposals, accepted a proposal from an ordinary nurse.”

To this Dharam said, “Mukesh Ji, a manager may change at heart overnight but he never ceases to apply mind over heart. In my case it was no different.”

“How?”, Perhaps a part of Dharam Vohra was still unknown to me.

“See, Chitra, my sweetheart, proposed to me on the day my samples were taken in the pathology lab. At that point nobody knew what the results would be. I was a cardiac patient and anything could happen. I was quite likely to be diagnosed with a fatal disease. But she just proposed. Though she never told me but it was obvious that she didn’t care about the circumstances. She liked me and wanted to marry me irrespective of what was going to follow.”

He sighed and said, “So that was it. I decided to marry. And whenever she talked to me I could see the love in her eyes.”

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