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Strange Dream

The Story of a Strange Dream

I never knew that there was something called ‘dream interpretation online’ service. But yes, as I told earlier I always stumble upon something new and bizarre  in daily life. One has to be interested and observant in petty events of life to find new tales everyday. So I found this weird tale of Manu.

As Manu tried to sleep the two eyes in the corner of his bed kept staring him in the face. The child continuously looked at him with a smile while trying all the time to climb the bed. Not paying attention he tried to sleep desperately since the next day was a working a day and he didn’t want to doze at his workstation in the office.

His eyes were about to close when he saw a black and scary shadow moving towards him. He tried hard to see the shadow’s head but there was no head. There were only two hands hanging from a lanky figure. In one hand was held a dagger. As the shadow advanced towards the bed, Manu, out of fear, folded his legs inside the blanket.

Meanwhile, the child had almost climbed the bed. He looked at the shadow but didn’t seem to care much. The child grasped Manu’s toes and started tickling the bottom of his feet. At this point, an elegant looking lady appeared out of nowhere. She was dressed in gorgeous attire but had a begging bowl in her hands.

The lady looked at everything in the house greedily. She looked unsatisfied and her vision searched for something in the almirah, in the cupboard, in the living room and almost everywhere. She also didn’t care much about the headless ghost. There was a chocolate lying on the dining table. The beggar put it in her begging bowl.

The child seemed to have a good chemistry with the lady. It was happy to see the beggar and shrieked. The ghost tried to intimidate the beggar and the child. But the beggar was careless and not the least afraid. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Everyone including Manu looked towards the door.

The ghost roared and ran to Manu along with the dagger pulling everyone aside. But the lady with the bowl had opened the door by this time. On the doorstep stood a handsome, richly clad man. He looked calm and composed. The ghost turned back and attacked the handsome man. But with one mighty push the man pushed aside the ghost.

Just then an old man entered and shouted’ “Freeze!” Everybody stopped as they were. No one moved an inch. Manu got up with a jerk. Everything still appeared so real. It all seemed to have happened just a moment back. Nonetheless, it was a strange dream.

The next thing that Manu did was he jumped to his internet connection and searched for a ‘dream interpretation online ‘ service. He had decided to take that day off from the office. Having spoken to the ‘dream interpretation online’ service he had got an appointment with an expert at 10.30 A.M. The expert had promised to help him with the dream and take any corrective action required.

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We play different roles at different points in time during the journey called life. At this point I play a 'WRITER' and tell you tales. Those of real life, those that make you smile, those that make tears trickle down your eyes and also the ones which might be your own stories.

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