She has driven deep into the jungle and stopped over at the same point once again. This is the third time it has happened with her. She doesn’t know why she takes her father’s car keys and drives here. There are fearful animals here, definitely. It’s a lonely spot. Only one sound, that of a nearby fall, echoes in the air. Above all, there might be an abode of the most dreadful animals, men, gone astray.

Afraid of everything, most of herself, she drives back.

Nishant is her solution for everything. She asks, “ Nishant, am I getting mad?” She tells him everything.

They consulted a psychiatrist.

After an hour long counselling he said she did not need medication at all.

He said, “You need to socialize, you need to play outdoors, you need to gossip with friends. To put in a different way, you need to connect to people and to a wholesome life.”

Nishant smiled and said, “Doc, I was already telling her this but now, having listened from an expert, she’ll believe it.”

As they turned, the doctor said, “I’m not yet done. Even before you connect, you need to disconnect. You’ll be on an e-Holiday, that is, disconnected from your cell phone, internet, TV and things like that for quite some time. These things don’t let you connect in the way I want you to.”

“But how? That’s impossible. How will I …..”

“Then a recovery is not possible either. You have to.”

“I shall assure that.”, said Nishant.

It has been a week since then. Nishant is happy to spend about 2-3 hours daily with her. She swims with her friends  Akshita and Nanda daily for about an hour in the morning as well as evening. Doctor has allowed her to listen to old Hindi songs, only on FM and her iPod. Moreover she has made it a point to visit her friends and old club daily.

When I met her last SHE LOOKED VERY HAPPY.

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We play different roles at different points in time during the journey called life. At this point I play a 'WRITER' and tell you tales. Those of real life, those that make you smile, those that make tears trickle down your eyes and also the ones which might be your own stories.

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