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First Night Revealations

Sayona looked sad as she hugged her husband for the first time.

“Sapt…..”, She tried to say something but could not proceed any further, her voice breaking.

“Yes…dea..rr” Saptarshi replied in a consoling voice. “Why do you look so upset? What’s the matter?”

“Saptarshi….I’m a cheater, I have betrayed you…”

An Uncommon Indian Marriage Proposal

This was shocking for Saptarshi. They had talked over phone many times before the marriage. It was a typical arranged marriage. The marriage was fixed two months back. Given the conservative types of families on both sides, Saptarshi and Sayona had to do the talking stealthily. Or else the family members would shout at them.

But never had Sayona revealed anything.

” But Sayona why did you proceed with it then…However, let it be, whatever…I have no issues..No need to mention that all…”

“But I must talk to you….”

“O.K. then go on….”

Sayona started slowly as tears rolled down her cheeks. “Sapt..on the day of the wedding..” She stopped, her voice froze.

“What?” Sapt yelled. “On the wedding day? What?”

” I was supposed to maintain fasting throughout the day. I was told it would help to keep you in good health and bring you good luck….”

“But samosas* of the market at the back of our house are soooooo…yummmmy you know? I ate five of them. Little bro Goloo brought them for me….Uhuuu…I…betra…yed you…”

Saying this she laughed out loudly and started jumping on the bed.

“My Gosh! you …such a nautanki **…..I never knew.”, said Saptarshi

“But you know,in that case I’m also a cheater…a betrayer. I ate two plates of Pao-Bhaji* in the after noon and about 10 Gol-Gappas* just before the Pandit*** started chanting Mantras.”

Sapt and Sayona high-fived and started laughing loudly.


*Indian food items
** Hindi word for a drama, used here in the sense of over acting as in a drama


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