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Boutique of Your Choice-The Magic Mantra for Good Sale

I happen to speak to this ‘one-woman boutique’ girl occasionally. Her boutique, though small, is known in public as one of the most shoppable boutiques. In others with opulent fashion clothes and accessories you may not find an apparel of your choice. But go to her and she’ll definitely come out with at least three or four to choose from. I don’t know where does she procure her boutique products from but perhaps she mixes up branded and unbranded ones and makes a good sale.

Once I wanted to know how she decided what to buy and she narated her own story. She said,” Whenever I looked at other people in the parties I felt inferior. I’m, as you can see, slightly overweight and I thought all my clumsiness in comparison to others was due to my figure. But, you know? Everything changed after I met Tanya Ma’am after a long time in a party.”

Some customers interrupted. She asked my permission. I waited for the rest of her story. Having dealt with the customers she continued,” I was meeting Ma’am after about 7 years. She was more obese than I was. But she looked smarter than all the women of her age in the party and even those far younger than her. She was quite agile, walked briskly, looked elegant and graceful and most of all her attire looked gorgeous. And what goes without saying, she is a brilliant speaker.Overall, her personality was mesmerising and unmatched.”

“Dumbfounded, I went to her post party, praised her and then got to business asking I had been her student earlier and I needed her advice once again.”

“She tipped me with two great pieces of advice which I always follow now. Number one, everybody is beautiful till she or he knows what fits and looks good on her or him. Two, take good care of your personality. That is, greet people, speak clearly, smile whenever you get an opportunity, help others and always tell yourself that you look fabulously beautiful.”

“So you see.This is also the secret of my boutique’s success. I have developed expertise over time to study the customers and brief them what’ll suit whom. Moreover, I give them tips for personality improvement. In fact I underwent a personality improvement course and was helped by Tanya Ma’am. The same goes into my shopping for my customers. I even shop specifically for my regular customers and many a time get them tailor-made for them. When you work hard to give a service in an effective way the people start believing you. And that’s what makes my boutique a success story.”

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