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Insurance-The Reverse Way by Gary

Insurance-The Reverse Way by Garry

Most of the time he speaks rubbish, or so I feel. But sometimes he speaks sense and then you admit that he’s brilliant with some aspects of life. I hear he has authored a book on self improvement. It’s Garry O’Neil, an ex insurance agent.

Currently I have been reading many personnel finance books and have penned some stories in this niche on the most striking aspects that I came across. One such story was DECIDED YOUR EARLY RETIREMENT AGE? HE DID NOT, SO HE FACED THIS

And Garry’s is the second one in this series.

I met him that day in his own school teaching children. My job is to catch clients and insure them or their houses or their cars. That’s why I was after Garry that day.

“Xiang, I won’t invest my money and time anywhere else. I was also an insurance agent like you and made good fortune too. But there is a difference between then and now.”

“When I had earned enough money to live comfortably and happily and had had enough of living  a good life I started thinking the other way round. The things looked different to me. Or you may say I developed a different perspective of looking at things.”

As Garry went on narrating his story I thought he wasn’t going to say ‘YES’ to my insurance request. Still his story seemed a trifle interesting that day. He went on, “What’s insurance? You ensure people that they’d get a compensation for something they might lose, be it life or a part of car or house etc. In turn, your subscribers pay you money regularly. The whole idea is to lessen their worries and anxieties.”

Garry was gradually approaching the climax of his story. ” Then I thought what if I provided the needy people with a good life in a different way. I thought of offering the benefits first and receiving the subscription later and in a form other than money.”

“So you see, the whole idea behind this school. It’s a school of needy children which I run without demanding a fee. I teach my students all the day long. As a fee I only request, not demand, the parents of these children that those who can afford time may devote about an hour or two for free teaching in my school. However, there’s a process of selection in place.”

“So you see, I’m improving their lives, ensuring (or insuring!) them better lives without charging anything. I won’t lie, there’s a system under which a person may donate money to the school if she feels that the school must sustain for the good cause. I’m also always thinking of new ideas for the self sustainability of my school.”

“Overall, you seem to be happy, Garry.”

“You know Xiang,,,”, Garry stopped and looked above as if he were speaking to the skies, ” It has been a terrific journey. Every moment I spend in my school fills me with joy and when I see my students learning and doing well I’m really proud of my decision. The fee comes as blessings, happiness, satisfaction and in many more forms which I had never ever imagined.”

“All the best Garry. By the way I shall try to get through your selection process. I think spending an hour or two for teaching in your school is a good idea.”

Both of us laughed out loudly as I departed.

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