Life teaches, you need to observe

Life teaches, note down please

Somewhere I read that fact is more weird, peculiar and surprising than fiction. We come across events that shock us. But also there are petty events from daily life that throw little surprises our way  and make us contemplate. Such events are also food for thought.Life teaches, we should observe.

When we heard that Dharam Vohra won’t be in the office for the later half of the day and  next two days we were taken by wonder. He would be on leave for the next two days. Shocking!

He is such a workaholic that working for 12 hours a day does not tire him and sometimes he works for 14-15 hours at a stretch. Perhaps this is the reason he’s single yet at 42. Who’ll marry a guy who’ll go home only to sleep? He keeps us pressing for targets and engages us for extra hours. His office behaviour makes us feel like school students who are tired of studies and want to freak outdoors.

How cum Dharam Vohra can be on leave? Unbelievable. I have been working here for last 9 years and have never seen Mr. Vohra taking leave. But boy, one of my primary school teacher used to say,”Life teaches, you have to note down the important points.” And now I have really started believing that life teaches. Only thing, you have to observe carefully. Just read on.

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I tried to investigate into it. Linking the clues I was able to weave a story and was ultimately able to know the truth.

Dharam, for the last three days, was going for medical check ups after office hours in the evening. He felt a mild chest pain last Wednesday and Mr. Joshi, a senior manager had advised him for the medical check up.

When Mr.Vohra returned he was not his usual self. He smiled at everything and looked cheerful. The anger was gone. Veeru, the office boy, who used to serve tea and carried the office documents said, “Sa’b has changed alot. He no longer shouts at me and sometimes he gives me money nowadays to buy ice cream.”

On Wednesday last he called me to his chamber and asked , “How are you Mukesh Ji? Hope everything’s fine.” I felt something had gone wrong or else he would have asked me something like, “What the hell had you been doing all these days. I can see this is not complete…and that is..not…..etc. etc.” But he definitely looked in a different mood altogether.

“Mukesh Ji have you completed the tender document? We have to do the ad in a day or two?”, his voice was not harsh but I was now ready to see the old Dharam Vohra because I hadn’t yet completed the document he was referring.

“Sir, no, I haven’t finished as yet but Sir I promise I’ll complete it in two days. Actually sir… son was suffering from Dengue and I had to attend him in hospital…and..”

Dharam was shocked and immediately stood up from his chair, “What? Dengue? How’s he now? What did the doctor say?” There was concern in his voice and believe me this was no superficial behaviour.

I told him my son was O.K. and that the doctor had assured there was no problem at all. He was relieved and said, “Easy Mukesh Ji, easy. I won’t press you. Take your time and prepare the document. Take good care of your son. If you face any difficulty feel free to give me a ring.”

As I was about to leave the office room quite surprised and pleased at the new way Dharam was trying to take to he called, “Mukesh Ji, by the way, I’m getting married next week. You’ve to come to the party. Make it a point. O.K.?”

This was another shock of pleasure. “Sure Sir, sure. And congrats..”, I said and bid him good bye.

What was happening? First Dharam takes leave. Shock number two, the miser now gives money to the office boy. Number three, he calls me Mukesh and adds a ‘Ji’ now and the biggest surprise, the forty something bachelor is going to get married.

My thought bubbles flew all around like in a comics, “What’s happening….what’s all this? What caused such a change in ten days? Who’s the mad girl who wants to marry this mad man? How old is she? Will Dharam change back again?” It seemed as if this all was a movie and Dharam was the central character.

To know all this please wait for sometime when the drama unfolds in -Life teaches, note down-Part II




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