Made on CANVA-Kaalratri-the night of death

The Night of Death

This tale “night of death” is dedicated to my mother.

“Not wise dear….not at all”, I said to myself.

It was really not wise to roam around with one lac twenty four thousand bucks in your pocket at that hour of the night.

My wrist watch had just signalled midnight and there being no conveyance in sight I was hurrying home on foot. I was almost running but pretending I was not afraid. The storm had just subsided but the incessant rain continued, though it drizzled only.

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This lonely spot of the metro city looked dangerously ominous at that hour.

“It’d take another half an hour”‘ I muttered. Ahead was a sharp turn which would lead me to the long straight road to the old fort.

“One right turn from there and I’d be home in ten minutes. ”

There was no light near the turn and there was darkness all around. I was about to take the turn.

Just then…

Suddenly a bearded, stout man appeared from nowhere. Then he clapped. Three other men, gangsters by all means, appeared and advanced towards me. They would be hardly about twenty steps from me.

The bearded man had produced a big knife by now.

I just froze. I had heard about such incidents but never expected I would play the victim some day.

“… have money. I’ll give you…but please le’mme go…please”, I tried to scream, slowly retreating. I thought I ‘d throw the money to the goons and run away. But the bearded man was nearing me fast.

“O God..if I ever made a mistake please forgive me. This is my last day. Please help my parents bear this shock”

The bearded bandit pulled the dagger back and stretched his hands full length to stab me in the stomach. I shut my eyes, froze at my position and only tried to remember the Almighty.

But…it was not to be…

I waited for a while and finding the dagger didn’t hit me, opened my eyes. The scene was more dreadful than what it was moments before. The bearded man’s body lay beheaded, the other two men were writhing in pain and the the blood stained body of the other goon also lay near the feet of a tall looking shadow.

In between them and me stood a tall dark lady, her head turned towards the goons. She appeared to me as a dark shadow. Her hair and clothes waved in the blowing wind.

She didn’t turn towards me but I could hear her voice clearly,”It’s the night of death. You shouldn’t stay out so long. Go home and sleep.”


I jumped out of the bed and stood bare feet on the cold floor. The clock showed quarter past two. I looked out of the window. It was dark and stormy outside.

I could feel the twist in my stomach though I was somewhat relaxed because it was all a dream.

I tried to recollect my mother’s words she would say to me in my childhood, “On the night of death-the KAALRATRI- Goddess Durga walks on the streets and kills the sinners. She is the ultimate saviour.”

I could feel my body shivering. It was in fact the KAALRATRI night. The dream had given me goosebumps. The next morning I called mother and told her about the dream.

She said,”You watched Goddess Kaalratri and it was a very auspicious dream. There’s nothing to be afraid.”



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