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Strange Dream-Part II: Meet the on line Dream Interpretation Expert

Friends, you read in the first part of the story why and how Manu needed the help of an on line dream interpretation expert. The meeting was scheduled for the next day, that is, Wednesday. As I told you Manu had taken the day off from the office.

Aman Julka, the expert, appeared to be a very thoughtful person. He would give very logical and well weighed answers to everything that was thrown to him as a question. Nonetheless he was very prompt and witty. See an example.

Manu: “Mr. Julka, do you think this ‘dream interpretation’ is worth anything? Or is it simply a superstition carried on for ages?”

AJ: “Sir, since you have called me it seems you’re already believing it. Moreover, if I say it doesn’t mean anything, you’re most definitely going to turn me out of your house. So better, let’s begin.”

When Manu had narrated his dream to Mr. Julka he thought for a while, asked him some personal questions like the conditions under which he worked, his family back ground, something about his past and some other things which Manu thought were not much relevant. But Manu answered everything.

Having contemplated for a while, Julka said this:

“Dreams are manifestation of your feelings. Many of your emotions in daily life remain dormant or latent. For example, something makes you cry but as you cannot cry in presence of others you show an emotionless face. Sometimes you want to hug somebody but you can’t as situation doesn’t allow that. Such feelings accumulate and haunt you as dreams.”

“In your dreams as many as five characters visited you, namely, the child, the lady, the headless ghost, the handsome man and the old man. They represent your feelings personified. What I mean is your feelings showed up in the form of different persons.”

“All these people live inside you. They act and affect you in different ways. I mean so many feelings act on you and mould you into the person that you currently are. I am giving the explanation of all the persons who live inside you:

The Smiling Child:

It represents your happiness and well being. It’s still in its infancy though you are a grown up man. You have not so far cared much to develop the child into a healthy and satisfied being. You are not even welcoming the child to your bed. It’s trying hard to gain your company and even tickling you to keep you in a stress-free mood.

The Elegant Woman Beggar:

The woman is beautiful and quite elegant but has a begging bowl in her hand. She represents your unfulfilled desires and future ambitions. She is beautiful and gorgeous because you aim high and aspire to be rich. Her begging bowl metaphorically stands for your high level of willingness for what you have not achieved so far.

The Headless Ghost:

The ghost is equivalent of your apprehensions in daily life. Many fears keep acting on you and affect you negatively. They hinder your progress towards your goals. The headless ghost is the sum total of all such feelings like the fear of falling from grace, fear of losing your goodwill, fear of physical and spiritual damage and similar other fears. Nonetheless it’s headless. This means that the fear has no actual reason or well defined cause. It has developed due to misunderstandings, temporary failures and everyday difficulties.

The Handsome Man:

He represents the person you ideally want to be. You want to be a person rich yet simple, noble yet smart and graceful yet prompt. You want to be known as a good man.

The Old Man:

He is the indecisive person inside you. When the going gets tough or sometimes even when the situation favours you he stops you and orders you to sit idle.”

The interpretations of Aman Julka were so absorbing for me that I forgot what was happening in the world around me. The phone had rung twice and gone silent, the colony grocer had dropped a packet of milk on the door. The hawker had thrown the news paper through my window. But I came to my senses only when Julka had stopped. Neither I nor he listened to or sensed anything else during our session.

I asked,”Is that the end?”

“Not yet”, He said.

The Inter-relations

“The inter-relations….”, he continued, “… among the characters need to be explained. The child and the woman didn’t care much about the ghost. This is positive for you. Your happiness and ambitions weigh more than your fears at this point. Your ambitions are high and you want to take challenges. That describes the exquisiteness of the lady, that’s again a positive. The handsome man pushed aside the ghost. One more positive, you hope to win in the end. Though the old man is one of the negative sides of you he may at times, prove good. At the time of a debacle he advises you to leave aside everything and just be yourself.”

” Carelessness about the child is a little negative and you need to work on that.”

Manu: “And the chocolate?”

AJ:”Don’t grab anything that comes your way. Being ambitious and being greedy and desperate are different. Sacrifice petty, mean achievements and aim high.”

AJ:” Are you satisfied Sir?”

Manu:” Yes, entirely. I’m brimming with confidence. It’s still 12.30 PM and perhaps I can join the office in the second half and thus save a leave for half-a-day. Thanks a lot Mr. Julka.”


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