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School admission-The great interview

school admissionSome time back I came across an interesting fact about school admission . A friend of mine, Kaushik Banerjee, shared this with me. The incident had taken place last year while one of his friends Sumit Burman, was trying to shift his daughter to a better school and in the process, applied for her admission to class 3. On the day of the admission, there was a parent’s interview. Nowadays I hear that parents also prepare for such interviews.

In the interview for school admission, a member of the admission committee threw up a question at the parents, “Who arrived earlier, the fish or the birds.” He was referring to the theory of evolution of species and I don’t know why the committee expected the parents to know that. The helpless mother and father looked at each other. But the little daughter, who was a regular viewer of discovery channel for kids, answered, “Fish arrived earlier and then reptiles and then birds.”

“Mind blowing”, yelled the member.

However, when the school admission results for all classes were displayed on the school notice board the parents observed that their daughter’s name did not figure in the final list. Shocked parents made their way to the principal’s office and wanted to know the reason why their daughter was not selected.

The reply of the principal took them by surprise.

The principal said, “It was a parent’s interview and the credit cannot be awarded for child’s answer. Moreover, the child interrupted when it was not required of her. It cost her negatively.”

The helpless parenst had no other way but try for some other school or else it would be too late.

I don’t know whether the tale is an over-cooked one, yet I would say

Parents, better be aware and don’t take anything for granted when it comes to school admission.

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