About Tales of Daily Life

‘Basic Purpose of Tales of Daily Life :

We are story tellers. Our stories are from daily life.

Life is a journey. Every action that we perform or every event that takes place in this journey entails a tale. There is a tale on every step, in every expression and just everywhere. Perhaps it has not been told so far. We try to bring such stories to your doorstep.

As a child grows up she/ he has to move places. There are numerous stages. Schooling, jobs, career moves, success, failure and just every bit of this journey consists of moments which form the four letter word called LIFE. To sum up, life is a sum total of daily life.

Our stories will make you look back, integrate what you lost and what you gained. They also prompt you to foresee what is coming.

At last, humble request to our readers is to allow us some moments from their precious time and visit us regularly. Hope our tales soothe your daily life.

Our Promise:

We shall always attempt at maintaining a good quality level. This means interesting and engaging tales, those of introspection and contemplation of where we are and where we are heading to. We shall be pleased and feel ourselves lucky if our readers provide their valuable comments. We feel things cannot improve without healthy criticism, which we always welcome. So feel free to criticise, appreciate, discuss and suggest.


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