Train robbery that was foiled
Train robbery that was foiled

Train robbery that was foiled

Prior to this Mrs. D’souza had only heard about train robbery. But she never knew it was going to happen with her and her family. She silently removed her earrings and handed over to the bearded man. The two men looked nervous. Both of them held guns and shouted at the top of their voices. One of them said, “Fast… Fast….You old man or else I will tear you…you hero, he was referring to a young looking guy…you want me to shoot you? Right? Ok then….” The young man was immediately at his knees. He gave away whatever valuable things he had. The old man stood up with the help of his stick and tried to reach his pocket so he would be able to take his purse out. Angered at his slow reaction one of the dacoits slapped him hard on his face. The old man’s face turned red with shame. Moments back he was sharing stories of his career days with Mr. and Mrs. D’souza. He was a retired teacher and being slapped like that was so embarrassing for him. He would never had expected such an incident like train robbery to occur on the way.

Meanwhile Jacy was fast asleep on the upper berth. Prior to all this, at about 7 PM she was feeling very sleepy and though Mrs. D’souza had asked her to sleep after the dinner she could not resist and fell asleep. The AC was causing chilling cold and Jacy had cocooned herself in a blanket. Thinking it was a lady and might have valuables with her, the bearded man headed for her and pushed her with the front of the pistol. But there was no response. Angered, he pulled away the blanket and hit her hard with the back of the gun. At this Jacy sat up straight away. She was shocked and could not guess what the hell was going on. She was too young to know about anything called a train robbery.For an 8 year old who was suddenly awaken from a half, immature, deep sleep this was quite unexpected. She started crying, screaming at the top of her voice. She was a strong and violent child and was not at all used to such treatment. The man slapped her on the face though he had to climb the lower seat to reach her face. Very offended, the child got hold of a heavy, small- sized, vessel made of wrought iron which a pantry man had left on her berth unmindfully, and flung it towards the robber.

Before the bandit could understand anything the vessel hit his head hard making a big sound.


And lo! The man first collapsed and then dropped down and blood spilled out from his head in a jet. His gun lay a feet away from him. Meanwhile the other bandit who was busy intimidating somebody else, turned around and advanced. Holding the gun in his hand he shouted, “If anybody did anything I’ll shoot!!”

Just then, unexpectedly, the old man who was standing behind him, hit with his stick on the dacoits wrist with which he was holding the gun and the gun dropped. Acting quickly, the young man who had been kneeled down on the floor, captured the gun. Other passengers gathered fast and caught the bandits. Immediately afterwards railway police also turned up and controlled the situation.

By this time Jacy was back in her blanket to have a sound sleep.


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