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An Uncommon Indian Marriage Proposal

Back in February 2014, Simran’s father said, “My dear SIM card (This is the way he addresses her when he wants to shower an extra bit of love on her), I want you to write this part of your matrimonial profile yourself.  The part he indicated was the one where you have to write what your requirements are from the life partner of your choice.

Simran showed great interest in it and put deep thought into the write-up. Then she produced what could be called an uncommon marriage proposal.

Let’s have a look at it.


She wrote, “My ‘would be husband’ must have the following qualifications in order to have me as his life partner.”

One, he should be able to make me laugh whenever I need.

Two, he should not have a Facebook, Twitter, Google plus or any other social media account.

Thirdly, he must know little bit of cooking. An added clause here is, given my fondness for tea, Mr. ‘X’ should turn up with a full cup of tea as and when I want.

Four, he should never interfere with my reading hobby. He won’t interrupt while I am absorbed in reading.

Five, given my hatred for dust and dirt, my ‘would be sweetheart’ must help me clean the house though I promise I would also work hard to keep the house clean.

Six, he would never heap false praise on me.

Seventh and the most important one, I want to be a non-working wife. But if I want to start working one fine day I must be free to do so.

  • The conditions are necessary and binding on my future husband though I may relax them little bit, depending upon other conditions.


Two and a half years on, Simran is still unmarried.

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